SBU-14.ZBT Strelka

    Mid-size drill rig SBU-14.ZBT Strelka – is  designed for geophysical and stratigraphic wells drilling, engineering surveys,construction and water wells drilling, for blast holes.  It is designed for next types of drilling work:

    Types of drilling (Inclination angle of wells drilling - 90° (ad-on option 45°- 90°) Conventional drilling,Auger drilling,Roller-bit drilling DTH drilling,Drilling with washing,blowing,Cable drilling SBU-14.ZBT is powerful and modern drill rig combining: small sizes and high drilling properties opportunity to use small sized chassis self-propelled car High reliability of the rig SBU-14.ZBT «Strelka" is achieved with industrial production of parts and components with high-tech equipment. Hydraulic components of high quality significantly increase the power of the dril rig assembled, allowing it to operate in harsh environments from- 40up to -40 C˚.

    Warranty and service conditions -12 months of warranty, - Written inquiries for inspection or advisory support are regarded during 24 houres - Life cycle of drill rigs produced by Drilling Technologies Factory is 7-10 years before complete overhaul.


    Drilling rig


    Types of chassis:            GAZ-33086, GAZon Next, C41R33, GAZ-66, self-propelled crawler truck, pontoon, sledge, etc. with the sufficient weight capacity from 2 000 kg.


    Types of drilling

    Conventional, augering, roller - bit, cable drilling, with mud pump/air compressor

    Depth by augering method Ø 151 mm

    30 m

    Depth by conventional method Ø 112 mm

    45 m

    Depth by cable method Ø 127 mm

    15 m

    Depth of roller-bit method with washing Ø 151 mm

    200 m

    Maximal diameter owf the working table

    360 mm


    Gland/hollow spindle shaft

    hollow spindle

    The rotator construction

    Rotator with hydraulic motor of variable capacity

    Two-speeded rotator

    Hydraulic motor 112

    Hydraulic motor 160

    Hydraulic motor 80+80

    +elevator+water swivel

    The shift of rotator from drilling axis


        Chassis, source of drill rig drive

    Gazel 4x4

    1,5 t

    ·         GAZ-66; 2t

    ·         GAZon Next 4x4; 2,6 t

    ·         GAZ-33086; 4t

    ·         self-propelled crawler truck

    ·         sledge, pontoon 2500mm

    Power-take off

    Power-take off

    ·         D-144 – 44kWt

    ·         VAZ 2106 – 54,8 kWt

    The frequency of rotation of the drilling string, rpm




    Torque moment of rotator, max., Н*m

    2 500

    3 700

    2 000

    Tackle system

    Rotator stroke, mm

    2 200/ 3 500

    The moving speed of the rotator,m/s



    The type of drive rotator feeding

    Hydro motor 500cm³+chain

    Force up (kgs)


    1 800

    Force down (kgs)

    Platform weight (without engine), kg.



    Weight of self-propelled hydraulic truck

    1 000


    Extra equipment




    Yes, 1000 kg, free fall system

    Angle of inclination

    90 degrees, 45-90 degrees  as an option

    Pipe holder (hydraulic clamp)

    As option 63-168 mm.


    Force down  with the help of rotator

    2 600 kg

    1 800 kg

    DPT ( dynamic testing penetration) module

    UDZ-60.ZBT 60 kg. -  as an option

    Mud pump

    Dynaset HDF 90/150-85 -70 kg.


    Dynaset HKL 2600/8-65-OPE – 153 kg.

    Power station of the drilling machine, full weight

    D-144 – 490 kg./VAZ-2106-180 kg.

    Platform weight SBU-14.ZBT

    1 600 kig.

    Weight of the self-propelled hydraulic truck

    1 000 kg.