MBU - ZBT-200 «Belka»

    Drilling rig MBU - ZBT-160 «Belka» is used for water well drilling, soil investigation drilling and geotechnical drilling. This rig allows working in very different project sites, using common drilling equipment. 

    Advantages of the rig MBU - ZBT-160 «Belka»

    Small sizes

    The drilling rig ZBT-200 «Belka» can be installed on the base of four – wheel – drive (AWD) pickup trucks of small tonnage, auto trailer of light caterpillar chassis like GAZ-71 and chassis of the weight-carrying capability from 850 kg. or on a power-fed crawler truck.

    High reliability

    Hydraulic system increase the reliability of drill rig assembled and provides it to work in severe climatic conditions from -40° C till +40° C.

    Enforced mast

    Enforced mast allows to use tools with length up to 1500 mm and this reduces expences for tripping operations and increases penetration depth for one operation.

    Powerful hydraulic drive

    Hydraulic drive is significantly more powerful and common than motor drive. We use only reliable hydraulic components.

    Enforced structure

    In comparison with similar rigs Belka is equipped with more enforced structure. This structure does not loose its shape during stucking of the string or during drilling in difficult geological sections.

    Increased rotator stroke

    Increased rotator stroke allows you to reduce time for tripping operations (up to 70% of drilling operation), consequently to finish drilling faster and to start next order.

    Light -advanced chassis

    Such chassis minimises destruction of landscaping and allows to reach the site with compact planning and that is the significant advantage on the market of drilling works.

    Simple maintenance

    Two persons are enough for maintenance. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare to operations. And this is the great advantage, isn't it?!

    Small investments

    This rig has quite a small price and recoups itself very quickly.This is a good solution for companies dealing with geotechnical investigations and water well drilling.

     Construction advantages

    All units of the rig are located on the common platform, that provides the firm construction. The hinged mast is fixed on the platform as well.

    The rig operating is totally hidroficated and is effected through the single board, which is protected from precipitates. The rotator is equipeed with thrust and radial bearings to avoid high axial and radial loads onto the shaft of hydraulic motor and to provide longer operational life of the drill rig.

    Rotator construction is designed that way to use auger tools (without flushing, hexagonal interlocking) as well as drilling tools with flushing and blowing (thread connection Z-50 for jet drilling with spear borers, for conventional drilling with crowns, for roller-bit drilling with bits).

    Precisely this rotator construction allows you to get through any grounds, providing you guaranteed profit waisting no time.

    The drill rig drive is effected with small and low-consumption engine of 22 h.p., on which two special hydraulic pumps are installed, equipped with a smart automatic valve. Due to the operation and tool type the valve control hydraulic pumps in automatic mode. During this the rig does not loose the engine power, providing high torque moment and ability to check necessary quantity of rotations.

    What is this rig designed for?

    MBU ZBT Belka is designed for drilling of vertical wells up to 50 meters (water wells drilling, geotechnical investigation, drilling for pillars) with:

    - continious coring,

    - drilling with flushing/blowing.

    In spite of small sizes the rig MBU ZBT Belka can be used for soil types up to IX category according to Protodyakonov Rock Hardness Scale. The rotator is equipped with hrust and radial bearings to provide longer operational life of the drill rig.

    To avoid crippling during jamming of drilling tool or during drilling in difficult geologic sections the rig Belka is equipped with enforced frame and mast.


    Most popular questions and answers

    Is the rig available to drill up to 30 meters?

    - Yes, it is, using motor pump.

    Is the rig available to drill water wells up to 30-60 meters?

    - Yes, it is, using mud pump.

    What the rig Belka is designed for?

    - It is designed for water well drilling, geotechnical investigation, drilling for pillars.

    Is the rig available to drill water wells up to 60-150 meters?

    - Yes, it is, using additionally the mud pump like NB-4 or a similar one. It is necessary to use an additional engine for pump drive.

    But this complete set is a little more expensive than the next line of rigs.

    How much time is it necessary to drill the well?

    - It depends of the soil type, pumping device, rock-cutting bit. The rig equipped with motor pump is able to drill the well 20-30 meters during one working shift - 8 hours. Using additionally rotary vane pump the rig can drill deeper wells during the same period of time (up to 70 meters). Soil types according to Protodyakonov Rock Hardness Scale - up to 6 th from 12 categories.

    Is it posible to use for soft soils a bit intended for solid soils?

    - Yes, it is, but the feeding speed will reduce as penetration through solid soils is effected with a "cleaving" bit (fine tooth of hard alloy), and penetration of soft soils - with a "shearing" bit (coarse tooth of hard alloy).

    How to behave meeting hard rocks?

    - You should use proper rock-breaking bit.

    What motor pump is necessary for drilling?

    - The motor pump for mud water, providing water raising to 30 meters of height.

    Is it possible to install the drill rig on my chassis?

    - Yes, after review and approval of technical task

    Is cable drilling possible with this rig?

    - Unfortunately, the rig Belka is not availablr for cable drilling.

    What is the function of the mud pump or the motor one?

    - The mud/motor pump is necessary for well drilling with continious coring. During drilling the bit breaks the soil, and water running into the well under the pressure, caries the broken soil out.

    How many orders will I get?

    - The quantity of possible customers is huge and not defined totally. 80% of people wishing drill the wells on their fields cannot do this. Posessing of this field for many years, they have built there a house or a bower, a bathhouse, they have grown there trees. And the only thing that they haven't is their own well. But they cannot use any standard drill rig now. The small-sized and mobile drill rig Belka is designed exactly for such aims.

    Is it possible to order the full set of drilling tools for drilling with the drill rig Belka?

    - Our factory produces as drill rigs, as drilling tools for them. Our experts are ready to propose you the necessary set of tools meeting your requirements and according to your aims.

    Where and how can I buy the drill rig?

    - If you are going to buy any our drill rig contact us and we will arrange the convenient way of payment and supply.







    МБУ ZBT-160

    Chassis type

    high-sided truck on-frame, two wheels РТ0032

    Rotator type


    Rotation frequency, rpm


    Maximum torque moment, N*m

    1 600

    Drilling depth, m.


    For geophysical wells, pump flushing


    For geophysical wells, mud flushing


    With augers


    Pitch drilling diameter with flushing, mm


    Bottom diameter  with flushing, mm


      Of cored wells


    Of geophysical wells


    With augers


    Carriage stroke, mm (not more than)


    Rotator drive

    hydraulic motor with  high moment

    Feeding mechanism

    hydraulic cylinder

    Drilling force, kN (kg)


    Force down


    Force up


    Pulling speed, m/s


    Feeding speed, m/s


    Mast type

    Welded construction, rectangular cross-section

    Weight capacity of mast, kN (kg), not more than


    Drilling pipes


    Diameter, mm


    Length, mm


    Nominal engine power, kWt 


    Sizes for transportation, mm








    Working sizes, mm








    Unladen weight, kg (not more than )*


    Maximum gross weight, kg (not more than )**


    Maximum travel speed, km/h