Article: У00002563

    Auger 300х114/200/1400-Т90

    weight: 66.14 kg.


    Auger drilling is designed for the removal of destroyed rock from the borehole bottom at its mouth during drilling in rocks of I-V categories of drillability.

    Auger drilling 300/114/200/1400-T90

    When drilling shallow wells in soft rocks without coring the simplest type of drilling is a screw. Since the flange of the screw serves only to transport the drilled rock, rock cutting tool - chisel auger is used with a larger diameter than the auger.
    Diameter of bit - 320 mm
    Diameter - 300 mm
    Long - 1.4 m
    The carrier tube 114*8 mm
    The flange - 8 mm
    Connection - trihedral 90 mm