Article: У00005251

    Downhole filter 89 3000 RFC 2500

    weight: 30.09 kg.


    It designed to filter water from the aquifer into the cavity of the well.
    Filter mesh 89 3000

    In the regeneration of water wells in water-bearing sand-clay sediments and other unstable rocks installed metal mesh filter. The working of the filter comprises a tubular frame and a filter mesh between which is a helically wound wire with a diameter of 2-3 mm. distance between turns of 30-60 mm. The main structural characteristics of the filter - its wells and the size of the passage openings. Under wells is the ratio to the total area of the openings of the working area of the filter.
    Diameter - 89 mm
    Length - 3.0 m
    Working length - 2.5 m
    Pipe material - steel 20
    Mesh material - 12X18H10T