Article: У00015533

    Cored augers and tools S 200/146x6/1000/150 SP 200

    weight: 41 kg.


    Hollow auger (equal steps)- drilling geotechnical, hydrogeological and exploration wells by coring method under complicated geological conditions in order to extract undisturbed core samples in bulk (mobile) soils.

    Advantage over the traditional method of drilling (casing pipes)

    • Eliminates the need for multiple drilling diameter.
    • Allows you to select throughout the drilling depth, undisturbed samples with a diameter allowing the laboratory tests on the equipment of domestic producers (not less than 100 mm.)
    • Facilitates cased in sedimentary rocks, having in their composition a high content of coarse inclusions.
    • Facilitates cased in water-bearing horizons with unstable structure (sand, sandy loam) with high static water level.
    • Provides the ability to isolate the water-bearing horizons by mechanical seal the annulus.
    • Facilitates the study of rocks at a given depth by the passage of little interest intervals continuous slaughter.
    • Allows plugging and plugging stratified cement mortars without any additional devices.
    • Facilitates the drilling and installation of a filter column in the manufacture of observation wells (piezometers).
    • If necessary, can be used during drilling and filling the bored piles.
    • Minimizes the time and costs for mechanical abandonment.
    • KSR-200 kit is designed to reduce the cost of drilling tools and increase the rate of coring.

    The outer diameter - 200 mm
    The inner diameter -134 mm