Article: 2126.00.000СБ

    Pipe clamp UGT -168.ZBT

    Price from $ 4 077.94

    weight: 72.5 kg.


    Designed to accelerate tripping operations.



    Modern drilling rigs (URB 2A-2, URB 2A-3, URB 2A-2D, URB 12.ZBT, PBU-2, 001 UGB) provide a significant performance boost in the production of engineering surveys and drilling wells for water. However, the most time-consuming process - tripping transaction report (STR), the total duration for which the drilling time increases with its depth and reaches 70% of the total time spent on drilling operations.

              To facilitate the work of workers and accelerate the work created by various mechanisms, devices and tools for lifting and lowering the screwing and unscrewing drill elements (casing clamps, forks skid, etc.).

             One of the methods of automation of the production process in the ACT was the latest development of the company's plant drilling technology, hydraulic PIPE CLAMP UGT-168.ZBT: 

    • Automation ACT
    • Eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment (clamps, forks)
    • Reduced time tripping operations up to 35-40% (in comparison with the manual way)
    • Occupational Safety and Health

                 UGT-168.ZBT is a hydraulic device mounted on the drill table of drilling rigs series URB 2A-2 and AR-2.

    Mounting of pipe clamp possible both for new drilling rigs, and the already existing installation of our partners by the field service teams of our company.