Drilling pumps

      The structure of the rig includes mud pump, which the mud circulates in the well. The role of the pump is increased to create a pressure and ensure flushing rig. Typically, the mud pumps are composed of two cylinders.

    1. NB, NB50 - horizontal mud pumps, two-cylinder, double-acting, drive with built-in gear reducer and are designed to discharge washing liquid (water, mud) in the hole in exploration and stratigraphic drilling for oil and gas. The pumps are also widely used in the food, chemical and construction industries for pumping various non-aggressive liquids.
    2. Mud pump NB-160/63 is intended for delivery of drilling fluid during drilling of exploration wells to a depth of up to 2000 m different types of rock cutting tools.
    3. Mud pump DYNASET HDF 90/150-85 converts hydraulic power into the energy flow of the fluid. Drive power HDF - pump receives from the regular hydraulic system of the drilling rig.
    4. The main role of the pump is to circulate the cuttings and prevent it settling during production drilling. Another important role of the pump is to raise drillings rocks on the surface, clean and well culling of breed.

      Requirements that apply to drilling pumps:

      • adjusting the pump to the well was washed effectively;
      • pumps should be of such capacity and in an amount to provide not only a washing well and provide full operation of the hydraulic motor;
      • velocity of the fluid which performs washing, the pump outlet must be uniform.

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