NKL 2600/8 - 65-ORE

    Hydraulic compressor NKL 2600/8-65-ORE is an analog compressor 4VU1-5/9. Is driven from the hydraulic system of the drilling rig, easily replaces old-fashioned bulky compressors, which increases the load capacity of the platform to accommodate and transport of drilling tools.

    Hydraulic compressors represent the most compact and high-performance devices requiring minimal maintenance. These characteristics make the use of compressed air, produced by the hydraulic compressors, a great way to reduce the cost of the work without any loss in quality.

    Comparison compressor NKL 2600/8–65-ORE and compressor 4VU1-5/9:

    ModelParameters (max)Driving gearWeight (kg)Dimensions
    (L-W-H), m
    Additional possiblity 
    Pressure MPа (bar)
    4VU 1-5/9 2500 0,78 (7,8) Driving gear of truck 750 1.7х2х1.9 --/--
    NKL 2600/8-65-ORE 2600 0,8 (8) Hydraulic drilling rig 103 0.8х0.4х0.5 The ability to place additional equipment.

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