Compressors PK-5,25 designed to generate compressed air required to power the various mechanisms and pneumatic tools.

    Compressor type: V-neck, two-step, two-row, four-row, six-row.

    The direction of rotation of the crankshaft (when viewed from the drive side) - clockwise or counter-clockwise (optional).

    Compressor PK 5.25 MPS supply with of MEAs.


    Type of compressor: 6 row.
    Suction capacity at a discharge pressure, m3/min:
    up to 7 kgs/cm2 5,25
    up to 9 kgs/cm2 5,1
    Discharge pressure kgs/cm2  from 7 to 9
    The crankshaft rotation frequency, rev/min 1475
    Mode when the discharge pressure PV, %
    7 kgs/cm2 100
    9 kgs/cm2 50
    Dimensions, mm
    length 835
    width 750
    heigh 760
    weight (without oil), kg 320