Cone penetration testing truck

      The most effective method of soil testing in terms of their natural occurrence is cone penetration test.This method is based on the indentation test probe into the ground using a special statistical burden.

      In Russia this method was the most widely used in the 60s of the twentieth century, at a time when construction was begun development of areas with weak or specific soils, which were previously considered as unsuitable for construction.To begin the study of soils, the most widely used pile foundations.To begin the study of soils, the most widely used pile foundations. And in order to get the characteristics by which one could calculate the capacity of piles, identify indicators of soil properties in their natural occurrence, the most economical method was precisely the statistical probing.

      What applies statistical sensing?

      Statistical sensing of soil, plant for which can be used very different designs, will help determine the following parameters:

      • geotechnical elements (power, boundaries of the soils of different composition and state);
      • uniformity of soil area and depth;
      • the depth of the roof rock and coarse soils;
      • approximate quantitative assessment of soil characteristics (density, angle of internal friction, specific adhesion, deformation modulus, etc.);
      • the resistance of the soil under the pile and on its lateral surface;
      • the degree of compaction and hardening of bulk and alluvial soils;
      • select the location of pilot sites for more detailed study of the physical and mechanical properties of soils

      The test soil using a statistical method of sensing is performed by a special unit that provides an umbrella indentation in the ground. CPT includes:

      • sets the hose and cone tip;
      • device for pressing and extraction of the probe;
      • anchor support device;
      • device for measuring the load indicators and soil resistance.

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