Screw compressors KV-12

    Screw compressors KV series is a series of high-performance compressors, which are large enough to be placed on the rigs are used for compressed air supply of various pneumatic tools and drives. Compressor special version is able to operate at extremely low temperatures, making it possible to use in different climatic zones. For proper operation of the compressor resource reaches 40,000 hours. The drive is provided by a diesel engine, which is connected to the device using the clutch, which significantly improved cold start capability. These compressors can be fabricated as a traveling and a stationary platform.

    HF screw compressor system is widely used in:

    • the mining industry;
    • oil and gas industry for the operation of shot blasting equipment;
    • geological prospecting, etc.
    • In drilling operations is used to purge wells, drilling purge air percussion drilling, coring purge pipes, etc.

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    The main application of the KV-12/12 have received:

    • to ensure that the drive shot blasters for cleaning pipes and tanks in the oil and gas industry;
    • in the mining industry;
    • for the operation of rotary and exploration drilling rigs.

    Optionally compressors KV-12/12 is set to Block Container (BPC) and sets of equipment for the preparation of compressed air.

    Productivity, standard conditions * m3 / min. 12,0±0,6
    Pressure, MP 1,2±0,05
    The compressible gas atm.air
    Temperature, °C -35…+40
    Model of engine MZ-236М2
    Power nom., kW 132
    Fuel tank capacity, l 170
    Sound level, dba 80
    Crane handout, size and quantity G3/4 – 3 pc., G2 – 1  pc.
    Dimensions: L*W*H, mm 3095х1577х1630
    Total weight, kg 2450