The compressor VU-5 different by industrial performance and is designed to supply compressed air stream various kinds of pneumatic tools, machinery, equipment etc., the Flow of compressed air, the pressure of which is from 0.88 to 0.98 MPa, pumped 4 V-shaped spaced cylinders. The device is driven by means of a belt through the pulleys mounted on the gear rig and directly on the compressor, the compressor is mounted on a special frame and has a device for tensioning belts. The compressor has a high sufficient for drilling performance, reliability, ability to work in extended modes, and automatic protection systems. Used in drilling operations and a variety of industries, including:

    electrochemical and so on
    In the drilling operation is used to purge the wells, drilling with the purge air percussion drilling, core blowing pipes, etc.

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    Performance suction conditions, l/s (m3 / min) 83,5±4,2 (5±0,25)
    Rated speed of the compressor shaft, s-1 (min-1) 12,33 (740)
    Power consumption on the shaft of the compressor during nominal operation, kW, not more 33
    The power consumed by the compressor in the mode of regulating bypass, kW, not more 22
    Air pressure  atmospheric
    Pressure, MPa (kgs/cm) 0,78 (8)
    The temperature after stage I and II at a temperature of 20 ° C intake air, no more than 165
    Cooling air