DYNASET HDF 90/150-85

    Mud pump DYNASET HDF 90/150-85 converts hydraulic power into the energy flow of the fluid. Drive capacity mud pump draws from the standard hydraulic drilling rig or from the pumping plant with internal combustion engines.

    The work of the mud pump is based on the reciprocating movement of the hydraulic pistons, soslannyj with water pistons, creating pressure in the pressure line. The flow of hydraulic oil moves the piston Assembly in the pump housing before reaching one of the water piston to its end position. At this point (reverse) switching valve automatically changes the direction of movement of the piston on the opposite - in the suction line of the fluid vacuum is created, and the line pressure is gauge pressure. During the working cycle water pistons suck the water through the suction valves , feeding her in line (zone) filing with the subsequent pumping to a pressure line through pressure valves.

    If hydraulic pressure and/or flow rate lower than that required to achieve the maximum pump capacity, develop them pressure and/or flow rate correspondingly decreases, causing the pump no harm.

    Comparison chart of mud pumps DYNASET HDF 90/150-85 and NB-4:

    ModelCapacity max.TransmissionWeight (kg)Dimensions
    Flow rate (lit/min)Pressure, bar (MPa)Power kW
    NB-4 160 45 (4,5) 11  Driving gear of truck 480 1,2х0,8х1,5
    HDF 90/150-85 150 90 (9) 22,5 The hydraulic system of the drilling rig or engine 30 0,3x0,2x0,2