Elevator URB 2A2

    The elevator is part of the rig and is enclosed in the gripper housing. Its main task is to hold the pipe while manipulating them (lifting, breakout, etc.). During the work is fixed in the pipe gripping device, and the presence of special openings can reliably insure itfrom falling. Elevators may vary:

    • structure;
    • gripping means of the pipe;
    • carrying capacity;
    • materials;
    • drive type, etc.

    Elevator URB 2A2 during experiencing serious exercise, so the quality of its workmanship and materials used high demands.

    Here you can buy an elevator for drilling rig URB 2A2 at a bargain price. All parts, which deals with the implementation of our factory, the highest quality, reliability and adherence to adopted standards and requirements. If you have any difficulty in the selection of parts, you can seek the advice of our experienced specialists. We appreciate all of their customers and approach each of them individually.

    1 Elevator in assembly 2-33В-00
    2 Spindle of elevator 63,5 mm 2-33-59-1
    3 Shutter  of elevator assembly
    5 Cage of elevator 2-33-74
    6 Shutter elevator 2-33-70-1
    7 Compression ring fitting elevator 2-33-53
    8 Fitting replacement to the elevator 2-33-68
    9 Fitting replacement 2-33-68-1for flange elevator
    10 Flange under the removable fitting elevator
    12 Semiring spindle spinner 2-33-66
    13 Collar 2-33-67
    14 Axis of the elevator 2-33-73
    15 Pawl  2-33-69-1