Rigs video will allow you to more clearly appreciate the need for this tool when performing engineering and geological surveys, drilling, blasting and water wells, exploration of solid mineral deposits, groundwater, construction materials and drilling of structural-prospecting and geophysical wells.

    Moreover, the video rig you will be able to identify the advantages and design features of each type of the provided tool. We propose you to view the video of rigs of exceptionally high quality, which is very important in the selection of the optimal variant.

    After you watch the video rigs, you get a lot of valuable information and it will be easier to navigate in the provided range. For more details contact representatives of the company "Drilling Technologies Factory". 

    1. The drilling rig URB-600  is designed for engineering-geological surveys of soil by methods of static, dynamic probing and drilling (coring, screw, cable, roller cone method) with the ability to clean the bottom hole using mud pump/air compressor.

    2. This equipment rig allows you to mount the platform on a variety of chassis and carriers without power takeoff from main engine: sledge, pontoon, frame, car body.
    3. Two powerful hydraulic cylinders allow to penetrate equipment not only in the operating speed range, but in an accelerated mode operation when extracting. New semi-automatic capture, which allows to speed up tripping on probing, reduce the number of operations themselves during the work, as well as to significantly increase the service life of the clamping plates.

    4. Drilling rig SSDR-14.ZBT "Strelka" - a lightweight, powerful, compact hydraulic drilling rig for companies conducting their activities in engineering survey, water well drilling, soil investigation drilling.
    5. Modern drilling rig URB-12.ZBT meets the highest requirements of professionals. An installation created by the renowned and reliable machine URB-2A-2, which took a serious test of time and to be recognized by more than 4500 companies in Russia and abroad. Designed for drilling hydrogeological and geotechnical boreholes rotational manner with cleaning downhole shock-rope, pneumatic rock-drill and auger drilling.
    6. The unit is designed to penetrate the working equipment to the ground (to determine the parameters of the soil). As working equipment may be used various probes and samplers.
    7. Drilling rig UCB-12/25 is designed for drilling vertical wells to a depth of 15 m auger method when searching for surveying, mapping, seismic and other works of a similar nature in remote areas or cramped conditions.
    8. We are pleased to announce the production of various types of drilling shelter ("Tepljakov") for the exploration tools. The production department of the company has experience in the design and installation of such well-known drilling rigs as Atlas Copco, Boart Longyear, Fordia, Cortech. Assemble drilling rigs in the shelter on a sled; tractor TT-4, TL-5 ALM; on the chassis of the Urals; Kamaz.
    9. Key Benefits: Allow to overcome the wetlands, deep snow Assembly/disassembly takes less than 15 minutes 100% quality control at all steps of production components from Europe,high service length.
    10. Well drilling are made here by URB-2A2 based on KAMAZ and URB-2A2 MTLB, shorter flights, with sampling from the damaged structure and monoliths in accordance with GOST 12071-2000 to determine the full range of physical properties and corrosiveness soils.
    11. Designed for clamping casing and drill pipe. Main advantages: eliminating the need for clamps, forks and key backer; reducing the time of round trip operations of drilling tool to 35-40%; provides high safety; easy assembly/disassembly of the device to any model of drilling rigs.
    12. Upgrading of the CPT installation in conjunction with the company "Novosibirsk engineering center".