Air compressors

      Compressor systems are used in many spheres of human activity. The main purpose of this device is to supply air under high pressure, which is used, for example, to supply various pneumatic tools. Produced compressors different performance, which is usually measured in m3/min.

    1. Hydraulic compressor NKL 2600/8-65-ORE is an analog compressor 4BU1-5/9. Is driven from the hydraulic system of the drilling rig, easily replaces old-fashioned bulky compressors, which increases the load capacity of the platform to accommodate and transport of drilling tools.
    2. Compressors PK-5,25 are designed to generate compressed air required to power the various mechanisms and pneumatic tools.
    3. The compressor VU-5 different by industrial performance and is designed to supply compressed air stream various kinds of pneumatic tools, machinery, equipment etc., The flow of compressed air, the pressure of which is from 0.88 to 0.98 MPa, pumped 4 V-shaped spaced cylinders. The device is driven by means of a belt through the pulleys mounted on the gear rig and directly on the compressor, the compressor is mounted on a special frame and has a device for tensioning belts.
    4. Compressor unit AK-9/10 is designed to be mounted on a drilling rig and serves to provide a compressed air pneumatic equipment, such as drilling operations used to purge the wells, drilling with purge air percussion drilling, coring purging pipes etc.
    5. Screw compressor unit KV-10/10S (diesel) specifically designed to provide compressed air technological processes as part of the drilling rig URB-2A, as well as to drive pneumatic tools.
    6. Screw compressors KV-12/10 are used for supplying compressed air pneumatic tools, pneumatic equipment for shot blasting a variety of surfaces, drilling equipment.
    7. Compressor installation KV-12/12 is designed to supply compressed air drilling equipment, at ambient temperature in a conventional design of -15 ° C to + 40 ° C, with special variants -35 ° C to + 40 ° C.
    8. Types of compressors

      Depending on the principle of operation of the compressors can be divided into several types:

      • screw;
      • piston;
      • hydraulic;
      • rotary vane, etc.

      Screw compressor unit basically has the rotors are of special design, rotating at high angular velocities. Mutual contact of the rotors is unacceptable, so they are arranged so that between them there is always a minimum clearance. Screw compressors differ from other types of high performance at small dimensions.

      Piston compressors in their design vaguely resemble the internal combustion engine. For cylinders, the peculiarities of the crank mechanism and other characteristics of these devices have a wide variety. They are used in various fields, including for supply of drilling equipment.

      Hydraulic compressor, as the name implies, converts hydraulic energy into compressed air. Devices of this type are characterized by a compact design and high performance, so that they can be easily integrated into almost any hydraulic system. In addition to these there are many other types of compressor units that differ in their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

      Our Drilling Technologies Factory offers only quality proven compressor units at affordable prices. Our product portfolio also includes high-performance piston compressors PK-5,25; KSBU-4VU1/5-9, high-performance screw compressors series KV (KV-9/10, KV-10/8, KV-10/10, KV-10/12, KV-12/12), hydraulic compressors of different capacity DYNASET and devices of other types. They are perfect for compressed air supply of drilling equipment and various pneumatic tools. The performance available to us in the sale of compressors varies over a wide range, so you can easily find the right device that you need, and our experienced consultants are always ready to help with any questions.