Mast URB 2А2

    Drilling rigs are designed for various drilling wells. One of the main parts of the rig UBR 2A2 is a mast .

    You can buy  mast UBR 2A2 in Drilling Technologies Factory - a modern manufacturing company, which are designed and manufactured all the components for drilling rigs. The factory has a strong industrial base, as well as the design office and experienced professionals.

    Only our company can offer a truly high-quality equipment and accessories to it, because for a long time engaged in the production of drilling equipment, as well as the constant improvement of the production base.

    Article  Description Weight, kg.
     -----  Platform URB 2A2 on your chassis  differ
    1012.05.100  Platform URB 2A2 on KAMAZ 43118 chassis  748
    1011.05.100  Platform URB 2A2 on URAL 4320 chassis 636
    1010M.04.100 Steel frame construction of the mast 707
     1010M.04.400  Insert table 46
    1010.09.000-01  Carriage in assambley 40
    1010.09.200  Carriage roller with caprolon 5