Compressor unit AK-9/10 designed for installation on a drilling rig and is used to provide compressed air to pneumatic equipment, for example when drilling rigs work is used to purge the wells, drilling with the purge air percussion drilling, core blowing pipes, etc.
    This unit has small dimensions and weight, which reduces the overall weight of the equipment and contributes to a more efficient operation.

    The mechanism of the compressor, is driven either by means of a belt (like timing belts are used in the automotive industry), and the source is a special pulley is lined with transfer box rig, but the best option connect the compressor to the drilling rig is special reducer located directly on the housing of the transfer case, the objective of this gear in the increase in the number of revolutions required by the compressor for output parameters in the nominal mode. The plant is equipped with automatic protective systems, which disables the compressor in case of overheating or any other problems. The control panel is equipped with the necessary devices, with which the monitoring device.

    Drilling Technologies Factory offers high-performance compressor units AK-9/10 for a relatively low price. These compressors are proven solution in many areas and is perfect for use in the most different conditions. Each of our clients can count on an individual approach, and our experienced staff will advise you on matters of interest.


    DescriptionСapability м3/min.Nominal pressure, MPaShaft rotation frequency, rev/minOil
    Quantity, lit
    Oil consumption, g/h, not moreNoisiness, dB A, no moreDimensions (weight), (LхWхH), mm
    АК-9/10 9,0 1,0 1280 35 2,5 75 1220х1145х1250 (400)
    without hood:
    1020х975х1170 (370)

    Capability reduced to normal conditions suction (at t + 20 ° C and a pressure of 760 mm PCT).