Spare parts for installations URB 2А2

      Any, even the best quality and reliable rig sooner or later may fail. It always turns downtime, resulting in a decrease in profit organization. To reduce the downtime required as soon as possible to buy spare parts for the rig and implement a quality repair. Malfunction can anything: cylinder, Spanner, elevator, etc. Typically, problems with the acquisition of spare parts arise only from the owners of imported drilling equipment. On domestic drilling rigs, sucк URB 2A2, spare part almost always available.

    1. Three-roll-three-speed gearbox with spur gears in cast steel housing. The rotational drive is provided from the motor. Changing gears is achieved by movement of the gear train of a mechanical control. In addition, the remote control can be changed at each transmission of the spindle speed from zero to maximum throttling of the fluid supplied to the hydraulic motor rotator.
    2. Elevator pipe Ø 60,3 mm for lowering and lifting tools, as well as for screwing and unscrewing drill pipes.
    3. Increased strength characteristics of the design in bending and torsion 1.7 times compared to the standard design.
    4. The factory is engaged in implementation as drilling rigs and spare parts. Here you can buy rotator URB 2А2 or any spare part for that drill rig. All available in our wide range of URB 2A2 parts are of the highest quality, reliability and relatively low cost. Our experts are always ready to help you find the parts you need and advise on all matters related to their acquisition. In the high quality of our service you can see by reading the numerous positive testimonials of our satisfied customers.