1. Drive of drill rig PBU-2 provides its own diesel engine, which significantly reduces the overall fuel consumption and allows you to mount the rig on vehicles that are not equipped with its own engine or PTO. It is possible to use the motor vehicle as a drive PBU-2, if such a solution is more effective.
    2. Very often, conducting reconnaissance work on minerals, such a process is used as drilling. The main process in the manufacture of drilling is considered core drilling. How is the process of breaking rock with this kind of drilling? The main feature of core drilling is the process of work, which is held on the ring line, without affecting the entire area of the face. The inner race is withdrawn as a core - a rock sample, it is removed from the wells and stored.
    3. Lift cylinder applied in different rigs to move the rotator and lifting tools. As a rule, many rigs fully hydroficated and have several hydraulic drives that perform various functions. During operation of hydraulic rig experiences heavy loads, due to which the quality of its strict requirements. Hydraulic driven oil pump forming part of a drilling rig.
    4. CPT truck-15 is an installation of static sounding, which is widely used in geotechnical investigations. Installation is usually mounted on the chassis of all-wheel drive truck (usually KAMAZ) in van. Equipment management and adjustment of the engine speed of the car is carried out of the van, which is equipped with thermal insulation and heating, which makes it possible to use the installation at any time of the year. Pushing the probe into the ground by means of a special hydraulic equipment.
    5. Today, many companies provide services for drilling, such as water well. This involved both held firm and relatively young. To provide such services need special equipment - drilling rigs. But this equipment is quite expensive, so not all companies are willing to buy it in the property. Moreover, in some situations, buying expensive drilling rigs can be economically justified. Reasonable solution in this situation is leasing.
    6. Worn augers mainly used for drilling wells, for example, under water, in difficult conditions, characterized by rapid cased soil. Also, these devices are often used to create bored and root piles needed for civil or industrial building on difficult terrain.
    7. Drilling pipes are used for lifting or immersion drilling tool in the well and transfer of the torque from the drilling rig. With the deepening of the well pipe spliced together to form a drill string. Pipe connection is usually done by the thread cut into them. This connection, and do the pipe during work experience severe stress, therefore, the quality of their manufacturing special requirements.
    8. Engineering-geological surveys are a set of activities aimed at identifying the features of the site allocated for construction work. These activities are necessary for feasibilty study of construction at the site.
    9. The market segment for the construction of water wells every year becomes more and more attractive and the demand for a quality job already exceeds supply. Buy drilling rigs on the water and take a attractive sector of the market, you can contact Drilling Technologies Factory.
    10. The size of bore bit tool is slightly bigger than the diameter of the auger column. It strengthens the walls of the borehole when auger drilling and reduces the intensity of wear of the drill. Bits are made of standard diameters, and their design is focused on the effective destruction and removal of rock from the borehole.
    11. Drive PBU-2 is provided by its own diesel engine that significantly reduces fuel consumption and allows you to mount the rig on a vehicle that is not equipped with its own engine or PTO. There is the possibility of using the vehicle engine as a drive PBU-2, if such a solution is more effective.
    12. Drill rods are designed for lowering the drill head in the hole, its lifting and transfer of torque. They may have different length and diameter, and are connected to each other by threaded connections. The rod itself and especially its thread when working on the heavy side, so the material for its production is often used as high-strength steel grades.
    13. Hollow auger is a tube with a helical surface, which is removing the rocks from the well by mechanical ways. Use of such equipment for drilling in loose and soft soil. Due to the design of rotating auger helps to strengthen the side surfaces of the wells.