Underground water abstraction

    Segment of the market on arrangement of water wells every year becomes more attractive, and the demand for quality work already exceeds supply. Buy drilling rigs for water and take an attractive market segment can contact our factory drilling technology. Our staff work extremely qualified employees who more than a decade involved in this field will help you find the most suitable equipment, as well as answer all your questions.

    Buy equipment for drilling for water

    Each unit of product, which you can see in our catalog, meets international standards and even after decades of not to lose their performance. Depending on your budget and life are divided into sand and artesian. Sand wells are arranged at a depth of 30 m in the upper aquifers. Homemade rig on the water and perform their own work on the site - cheap and cheerful. Now, however, about the disadvantages of sand wells:

    • Produced water is not of the highest quality, it will require more cleaning and selection of special filters;
    • Well gradually silting, the need for annual cleaning and additional investments;
    • The average duration of the functionality of the well 3-5 years.

    In the long term, more profitable and more reliable to have limestone or artesian well:

    • Water in it takes a long natural filtration quality by orders of magnitude higher than that of the well water from the sand;
    • Lifetime of 30-40 years, the well does not require additional investments, caring for it is minimal.

    Once you have decided on the type of wells, the question arises: who to entrust drilling and searching for water? Of course, it is important to choose a solid company. Drilling technologies Factory has all the permits for water well drilling, equipment, reliable and time-tested, competent hydrologist in the staff, as well as the willingness to drill in the winter and in difficult terrain.

    Technology of drilling water wells involves equipping a spacious plot with an area of not less than 48 square meters.

    Drilling with mud pump

    One of the most popular methods of drilling - drilling it withmud pump. To gently penetrate the hard rock underground important to correctly pick up the equipment for drilling for water. Drilling layers it always happens with the addition of bentonite washing solution for the removal of waste rock and cooling the drill. The mixture should be a certain density to deter soil pressure and partly to strengthen and stabilize the borehole wall. The solution was poured into a pit near future wells and transgress to work.

    From the pit using the rig pump water mixture flows into the rotating rods until the tip exits through its openings and under high pressure rises in the wellbore by washing the surface of the particles of broken rocks. The groove mixture back into the pit, then back to the bar, so it happens economical circulation and sedimentation of sludge in an earthen bowl.
    As you progress through subterranean formations, increasing operating rod. According to the characteristic sounds of operating equipment, experienced masters of their craft define rock that is currently in the drill.

    At a depth of 30-50 m drill begins to enter into a solid siliceous limestone, begins the next stage - casing pipes and grouting. Casing means fixing pipes to limestone performed cautery (sticking to the rock) or grouting the annulus.

    Thick cement mixture is poured into the pipe and under the influence of a powerful water stream is extruded into the annulus. The cement is evenly distributed over the entire length of the barrel, forming a cement-shirt. After its solidification open limestone.

    Drilling in limestone

    The first key point here is the extraction of the core - a sample of limestone. If he cracks and cavities - so the water is close, if a solid - it is necessary to drill deeper.
    The second key point is the absorption - water for washing and removal of rocks is connected to the groundwater and its level drops sharply. The depth at which this occurs is the static water level in the well. However, drilling at this depth does not end, it is necessary to go more 10-15 m, to reveal as much as possible of the aquifer (for a stable supply of water from the well) and make a pocket for the sludge.

    To prolong the life of the well, and to prevent rust in drinking water in a steel casing placed plastic and sealed annulus.

    The final stage

    Place the submersible well pump and is pumped to a clean water. The samples were sent for examination, which gives conclusions and recommendations for filters.

    Construction of wells

    Set sealed case and going to the pump equipment, laid pipe heating cable (or deepened by 2 m). Install and connect all the nodes.
    Water should not only produce, filter, apply to the house, but also to recycle.