Geotechnical investigation

    Engineering-geological surveys are a set of activities aimed at identifying the features of the site allocated for construction work. These activities are necessary for feasibility study of construction at the site, and also allow you to make some adjustments in the plan of construction taking into account soil characteristics, for example, to determine the optimal depth of foundation.

    As a result of research is determined by the general geology of the site, and forecast possible changes in the future, which may adversely affect erected the object. These studies reduce the risk of an engineering error in the process of construction. This is especially important if the site is in close proximity with the already constructed buildings because of the increased load on the ground can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, geotechnical surveys, the price of which varies depending on the complexity of the work, the area and other factors, are required in most cases.

    Engineering-geological investigation include the following:

    • the study of archival documents related to research this area in the past;
    • drilling geological boreholes;
    • taking soil samples for laboratory tests;
    • the study of the composition and characteristics of groundwater;
    • identifying and forecasting processes that could negatively affect the construction or constructed object;
    • identify various underground routes and communications;
    • other works aimed at a comprehensive study of the site.

    Engineering surveys can only be carried out by a special technique.


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