Modern drilling rig URB-12.ZBT

    Modern drilling rig URB-12.ZBT meets the highest requirements of professionals. An installation created by the renowned and reliable machine URB-2A-2, which took a serious test of time and to be recognized by more than 4500 companies in Russia and abroad.

    Designed for drilling of hydrogeological and geotechnical boreholes with rotary method and downhole cleaning (blowing, flushing), air percussion, cable drilling, coring auger drilling. The installation can be equipped with a separate module for drilling by removable core lifts (diamond drilling).

    Key benefits:

    -the possibility of the combination of several kinds of drilling one machine

    -accelerate and facilitate lift-lowering operations (LLO) with the possibility of using cable-drilling

    -improving the quality of work of hydraulic systems

    -possibility of urgent repair in the field and the procurement of spare parts of different parts in Russia, CIS countries or abroad.

    -increase productivity and facilitate labor driller

    -minimum initial investment

    -for the first time, to install this type of technology is used folding rotator, using the well-known rotator URB-2A-2 and URB-2A-2D

    -the possibility of replacing rotators for all kinds of drilling from diamond to auger with diameter up to 400 mm (4 versions)

    -drilling rig URB-12.ZBT winch equipped has a free fall system (2.5 tons), hydraulic lifting device casing (with a force of up to 15 tons)

    -mast DRM-12.ZBT borrowed from the model URB-2A-2, reinforced truss construction and has the possibility of rapid assembly/disassembly of various apprentice devices

    -the hydraulic part of the rig URB-12.ZBT made on the basis of components of the Italian manufacturers. The maximum pressure in the hydraulic system 300 Bar

    -in the design took into account the different climatic conditions of rig time and picked up a number of hydraulic oils for a temperature range from -40 to +40 °C degrees.

    -managing by rig URB-12.ZBT perform the similar to the control rig URB-2A-2, which simplifies the process operator training.

    Service team LLC "Drilling Technologies Factory" is ready to launch a drilling rig and make training at any place of the world.

    For clients from abroad there is a service "Chef installation rig on the chassis of the customer, at the customer place"

    By your attention the installation of URB-12.ZBT is a modular installation modules can be purchased for installation by you at any time or at the same time with the rig.

    The most common modules, in addition to the compressor and pump equipment are:

    -rotator URB-2A-2 - 2000 N *m

    -rotator URB-2A-2D- 4000 N*m

    -rotator auger - 5000 N*m

    -diamond module (diamond module is designed for diamond drilling SSK)

    All rotators may be installed or removed, your own employees at any time in case of need of specialized works.

    -deck static sensing device. The device is designed for field studies of soils by static sensing, used in conjunction with measuring devices of all well-known manufacturers, as a working equipment can be applied probes and various samplers. Deck static sensing device is proposed to be supplied as an optional module for the drilling rig URB-12.ZBT, mounted on the chassis of KAMAZ, URAL. Wherein the total weight due to the installation location of the device and in the center of mass of the chassis, the static torque of the sensing performed without reinforcement 10t rig, with the apparatus further includes front hydraulic supports for installation of exhibiting a horizontal position to minimize the likelihood of breakage of rods static sensing device equipped with a special guide, and to protect the devices from static sensing of precipitation is possible to complete the specialized water dust proof wardrobes. The device is equipped with its own remote control.


    Specification of drill rig URB-12.ZBT Chassis KAMAZ-5350


    Main parameter for various drilling max.
    Rotators for various purposes
    Rotator Rotator  Rotator  Rotator  Rotator   
    582 N*м Diamond module 2000 N*м 4000 N*м 6000 N*м
    Spindle speed max. rpm/min.
    1st speed 0-560 140 70 10-100  
    2d speed 225 110  
    3d speed 325 160  
    Drilling depth, m.  
    Roller-bit drilling - 300  
    Augering drilling - 30 45 50  
    Drilling by hollow auger for building purpose - - 15 25  
    Air percussion drilling - 80  
    Core drilling - 300  
    - 80  
    Churn drilling - 40  
    Hole axis 90 °
    Specification of rig
    Drive drilling rig get power from truck/or by own engine
    Feeding stroke, mm 5200
    Drilling thrust
    Force Up, kgs 6000
    Force Down, kgs 2600
    Working pressure, bar 300
    Winch with mechanism free fall down, kg 2 500
    Lift divice for casing pipe, ∅, mm. 15t 63,5 - 168


      Price USD, without VAT
    Drill Rig Platform URB - 12.ZBT (Transfer Gearbox-2 sheaves; Max torque M=2000 Nm) $ 34 500
    Drill Rig Platform URB - 12.ZBT (Transfer Gearbox-2 sheaves; Max torque M=4000 Nm) $ 35 750
    The capacities may differ according to ground parameters, drilling angle and drilling equipment.
    You can choose your own chassis. These prices are given only as a reference. For answers to any questions regarding the precisely price, capacity, parameters, equipment or another aspects of using drilling rigs, contact by writing to DTF International Sales office, or by calling +7 (812) 640-19-40, +7 (911) 923-99-71
    Chassis KAMAZ (6*6) from $ 33 750
    Chassis URAL (6*6) from $ 30 000
    Mud Pump Mud pump NB-32 (588 lit/min; 40 Bar, hydraulic) $ 7 250
    Mud pump NB-4 (160 lit/min; 45 Bar, hydraulic) $ 4 950
    Mud pump Dynaset (150 lit/min; 90 Bar) $ 5 500
    Compressor Compressor Dynaset HKL 2600 (2,6 m3/min; 8 Bar) $ 11 000
    Compressor 4VU (2,5 m3/min; 7,8 Bar) $ 4 000
    Compressor PК5/25 (2,3 m3/min; 8,8 Bar) $ 3 950
    Compressor АК-9/10 (10 m3/min; 9 Bar) $ 13 250
    Compressor КВ-10/8 (8 m3/min; 10 Bar) $ 17 400
    Compressor КВ-12/10 (10 m3/min;12 Bar) $ 26 900
    Compressor КВ-12/12 (12 m3/min; 12 Bar) $ 23 750
    Welding Generator Dynaset 300A; 6 kWt $ 4 750
    Hydraulic system for power $ 4 300
    Water Tank 1,5 m3 $ 600
    2,0 m3 $ 700
    3,0 m3 $ 900
    Reciever $ 2 050
    Pressure relief system pump/compressor $ 1 350
    Rod holder dia 63,5-168 mm $ 2 450
    Lifting device casing 15 t (hydraulic casing table 7.5 tons) dia 63,5-168 mm $ 2 600
    Penetrometer 10 tons for CPT (Cone Penetration Test)  $ 15 800
    Description Chassis type Chassis type
    KAMAZ  5350 KAMAZ  5350  
    Rotator type 2A 2D 2D Auger Diamond
    Frequency rotation of drill chuck, rev/min      
    1 speed 135 65 135 65 40 0-560
    2 speed 210 100 210 100 68
    3 speed 300 150 300 150 80
    Rotation torque, max., Nм      
    The dependence of the amount of torque on the number of turns  The maximum torque at a certain transmission develops maximum speed of this transfer The maximum torque at a certain gear can be realized throughout the speed range of the transmission
    1 speed 2090 4570 2090 4570 5000 582
    2 speed 1330 2840 1330 2840 2800
    3 speed 940 1970 940 1970 2000
    Drilling depth, m      
    Core method 100 100 100 100 120 Diamond bit - 200m 
    Churn method



    40 40 40  
    Roller-bit method 300 350 300 350 350  
    Auger method 30 50 30 50 80  
    Start diameter drilling, mm  190 250 190 250 360  
    Final diameter drilling, mm      
    core / roller-bit churn 93 93


    auger churn 135 135 135 135
    Permissible axial load to the elevator, t (max.) 5 5
    Carriage movement, mm (max.) 5200 5200
    Rotation actuator axial piston motor axial piston motor
    Carriage rotator moves along the mast no shift with the axis of the drilling moves along the mast has a hydraulic shear with axis drilling to implement cable-churn drilling method
    the rollers of the carriage rotator four rollers moving along the internal profile of the mast Eight eccentric rollers
    moving alongthe internal profile of the mast
    Operating pressure in hydrosystem, kgs/cm2 100 line rotator 300 other line100
    Mechanism of supply (lift) tool  hydraulic tackle block hydraulic tackle block
    The force generated by the tool, kN    
    force down 28 28
    force up 48 48
    The speed of the lifting tool, m/s 0…1,2 0…1,2
    The feed speed of the tool, m/s 0…1,1 0…1,1
    Mast type welded construction welded construction, enhanced by frame
    Mast force up, down capacity, кN (max.) 60 60
    Drill pipe    
    diameter, mm 63 63
    length, mm 4700 4700
    Pipe casing    
    diameter, mm 168 168
    Winch for lowering - lifting operations (LLO) , with free fall


    The lifting device casing (OPTIONAL)


    Implementation static stationary sensing (OPTION)


    HYSON 100 kN LW stroke 700

    Implementation of static sensing hinged (OPTIONAL)

    cutting by rotator cutting by rotator
    маx cutting (anchor condition) 2,8t 2,8t
    maximum force lifting 4.8t 4.8t
    Hydraulic clamp (OPTIONAL) 63mm-168mm 63mm-168mm
    Additional equipment (OPTION) Pump Compressor Pump Compressor
    by technical project by technical project
    Input, kWt (max.) 44 44
    Transporting dimensions, mm    
    length 8700 8800
    width 2500 2500
    height 3850 3980
    Operating dimensions, mm    
    length 8500 8500
    width 2500 2500
    height 8400 8827
    Total weight, kg (max.)* 14300 14300
    Gross vehicle weight, kg (max.) 15420 15420
    The distribution of the total mass of the installation on the road, kg    
    front axle 5490 5490
    back axle 9930 9930
    Maximum speed, km/h 80 80