Drilling rigs

      There are many different types of drilling rigs. The choice depends on the specific requirements of each drill site.

      We offer a wide range of small and large rigs designed for soil investigation and exploration. DTF’s rigs are capable of a variety of drilling methods including conventional, auger, DTH, roller-bit and cable drilling.

      Compact drilling rigs designed for use in multiple types of drilling projects: water well, soil exploration, geotechnical and geothermal drilling

    1. Price from $ 42 100

      Modern drilling rig URB-12.ZBT meets the highest requirements of professionals. An installation created by the renowned and reliable machine URB-2A-2, which took a serious test of time and to be recognized by more than 4500 companies in Russia and abroad.
    2. Price from $ 22 400

      Drilling Technologies Factory produces the most reliable and multipurpose rig URB-2A-2. The Engineering Department of the company constantly works on improvement and modernization of various plant components. Production Department introduced a number of technical solutions to increase the service life of the rig.
    3. Price from $ 29 100

      Drilling Technologies Factory produces rig URB 2D3 chassis all-wheel drive all-kind of vehicles or crawlers. Production Department introduced a number of technical solutions to increase the service life of the rig.
    4. Price from $ 18 500

    5. Price from $ 9 450

      Drilling rig MBU - ZBT-160 «Belka» is used for water well drilling, soil investigation drilling and geotechnical drilling. This rig allows working in very different project sites, using common drilling equipment.
    6. Price from $ 54 750

      SBU-14.ZBT is designed for companies operating in the engineering surveys, well drilling, diamond drilling and drilling in the construction.
    7. Price from $ 4 050

      Drilling rigs UKB-12/25-02 is a modification of the basic model of UKB-12/25 and is intended for drilling vertical wells to a depth up to 15 m. Auger method when searching for surveying, mapping, seismic and other works of a similar nature in remote areas or confined spaces.
    8. Price from $ 4 050

      The rig UKB-12/25-01 is a modification of the popular rig UKB 12/25. This modification has a powerful 4-stroke overhead valve engine with air cooling. 2-speed сylindrical gear rotator develops maximum torque of 400 Nm and allows you to work with flushing while core drilling.