Drilling rig UKB-12/25-01

    Drilling rig UKB-12/25-01 - a modification of the popular rig UKB 12/25.

    At this modification has a powerful 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine. 2-speed cylindrical gear rotator develops a maximum torque of 400 Nm and allows you to work with rinsing with core drilling.

    Delivery of the rig UKB-12/25-01:

    Drilling machine 1 pc.
    Associated documentation:
    Passport 1 copy
    Register ZIP 1 copy

    Specification UKB-12/25-01:

    Drilling depth, m
    by core drilling, 76 mm 25
    by auger drilling, 64 mm 15
    type 2-speed spur gear
    frequency rotation of drill chuck rev/min 80, 184
    max. torque, Nm 1 transmission -400
    2 transmission -200
    type chain with a winch and battery mainspring
    type manual, double speed
    Lift capacity
    nominal, kN (тс) 1,25 (0,125)
    max. 5,5 (0,550)
    Input of drill machine
    Type/model gasoline/Briggs&Stratton 850 series (model 120000)
    power, kWt (h.p.), by frequency rotation  3600 rev/min 4,5(6,5)
    frequency rotation (rev/min), idle running 2500
    volume of the cylinder, cm 3 190
    Transporting dimensiions, mm
    length 1450
    width 840
    height 1740
    Operating dimensions , mm
    length 2000
    width 1050
    height 900
    Rig weight
    supplied without drilling tool, kg 155