Screw compressor system KV-10/10S is specifically designed to provide compressed air processes as part of a drilling rig URB-2A, as well as to drive pneumatic tools.

    The test results showed that the use of the rig URB-2A of the compressor unit has increased the performance of blasting 1.7 times.

    Performance, beginning. conditions, m3 / min. 10,0
    Pressure, МPа 1,0
    Dimensions, L*W*H, mm / Total weight, kg 2475х940х1440 / 1500
    Temperature, °C -35...+40
    Working pressure, atm. 4,5
    Temperature of the compressed air at the outlet, °C 65
    Quantity of oil for oil system, l 35,0
    Oil consumption, g/h 2,1
    Torque transmission elastic bolt coupling
    Connection size output, inch G2 - 1 pc.
    Sound level, dba 80
    Level of vibration, mm / s, not more 0,2
    Drive D-245.12 (90)
    Nominal power, kWt 90,0