Drilling rig URB-2A-2

    Drilling rig URB 2A2 is designed for exploration drilling. Engineering surveys, mineral exploration and water horizons, drilling under construction purpose - it is capable of anything. The unit can function as a continuous slaughter roller cone, auger and pneumatic percussion method and ring slaughter coring method. Powered chisel rotary type, however, if you wish, you can connect an auger. Then the depth is 30-50 meters, the maximum depth of structural exploratory wells - 300-350 meters, geophysical wells by mud pump -100 meters and geophysical wells by air compressor (blowing) 30-50 m.

    Drilling rig URB 2A2: what are the benefits?

    Drilling rig URB 2A2 are simple and easy to operate. Drilling is performed by rotary way, while it may be washed with a solution or a special air is blown. Installing mostly mounted on wheeled chassis "Ural 6x6", "KAMAZ 6x6" or "ZIL-131", as well as all-terrain chassis corresponding load-carrying capacity, his "heart" is the engine chassis on which it is installed. Hydraulic control greatly facilitates the work of service personnel. The operator watching the operation of the rig on monitoring divices and controls it through the efforts of regulators ascent rate, speed and slaughter.

    Buy UBR 2A2 - stands to receive a universal rig to perform a very large range of works in almost any rock drillability category. Construction, water well drilling, engineering and geological research - it is the ideal solution for any application. Moreover, it can be installed on all-wheel drive chassis or toboggan - it is simple and autonomous.

    Big demand creates an equally considerable offer - services carried out by setting the drilling rig 2A2 URB becoming increasingly popular. It was and remains the leader among Russian drillers in its class, due to the efficiency of more than half a century. This rig is well proven even in the Far North, as it is able to operate on the basis of the track and even boats, (drilling on the pontoon). This, as you know, can boast not every analog.

    The principle of operation of the drill installation

    Consider a simplified mode of operation principle of this installation. Drive drilling rig by the engine chassis, then through the PTO (power take-off) mounted on the chassis, mechanical energy is supplied to the transfer case, not mediocre at dropbox installed two hydraulic elements (motor-pumps) converts mechanical energy into hydraulic, one motor-pump produces hydraulic energy for all hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic provides: cylinder lifting mast support cylinders, cylinder lifting and lowering the spinner. The second motor-pump provides hydraulic rotator rig. On rotator mounted hydraulic response element (pump motor) converts hydraulic energy into mechanical back. It transmits all rotator rotation on the drill string.

    Specialized competitive environment and reasonable customer requirements for drilling rigs while maintaining its low cost helps to improve and modernize the design of the rig.


    Our company offers you the best and economically balanced decisions. And the use of the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 allows our company to market high quality products and unique technology service.

    What we offer to our partners?

    Drilling Technologies Factory offers optimal ways to buy drilling rig URB 2A2 at low cost. Qualified staff, strong production base - the two pillars on which rests the output of impeccable quality. Technological solutions are used individually - depending on your requirements. We offer:

    • Selection of drilling equipment, which is ideal to suit your conditions. The range of big, so it is easy to be frustrated. But the appeal to these professionals will solve all the doubts about the choice.
    • Design and manufacture of drilling equipment, the development of functions that are important in this particular case.
    • Adapting equipment for working conditions.
    • Production of the rig according to the technical task. Development of technical specifications together with your experts
    • Any drilling tools can be attached.

    Our team is constantly developing new advanced models that can work easier and more efficient. We are able to provide all companies engaged in drilling wells, equipment, excellent quality at the best possible prices for URB 2a2. Moreover purchasing the rig URB 2A or any other model you receive quality service as well. No matter where is the site of drilling, our staff will repair or prevent "accidents" during the work when it is necessary.

    Our business partners are located all over the world - Russia, CIS countries, Italy, Germany, Holland, China, Africa, Canada and others. - Work with them gave us a lot of experience, so our achievements are highly efficient. The equipment operates at full capacity, and breakage occur so rarely and eliminate so quickly that you have almost no idle hours. 

    10 reasons why our partners choose Drilling Technologies Factory:

    Choosing rig URB-2A-2 released on the production line plant drilling technology you can be sure that invest their funds in high-quality and reliable product that will solve your problem and bring the planned profit!

    We run in and test, 100% transfer cases and rotators as well as hydraulic components. The remaining elements of the URB-2A-2 undergo strict quality control. After assembling your rig passes regulated field testing at the site.

    For maximum efficiency with the customer - the selection of equipment and materials is made according to your wishes and.

    We offer a unique service. Supervising installation of drilling rigs in your city - mandatory accompanied by the departure of our specialists to its permanent operating the rig. Installation is carried out with the assistance of our experts your technical staff of your company. Provision of this service is important for companies far from St. Petersburg, as well as gives you a unique opportunity to see and take part in the work on your setup. With the help of our experts, we will train your staff.

    We provide warranty and post-warranty service, including mobile team.

    Nomenclature and the minimum time, give you the ability to produce timely and planned repairs and routine maintenance of your equipment

    For regular customers there is a discount system.

    We work not only with Russia, but also with all the countries near and far abroad.

    Our rigs are used for all types of drilling operations, which allows you to use the rigs in various industries.

    Quality inspection of delivered raw materials used in the production.

    Standard equipment on the rig URB-2A-2 of Drilling Technologies Factory includes:

    Reinforced mast. Increased strength characteristics in bending and torsion, improved structural properties of the platform.

    Gearboxes with increased resource thanks to the new build system and running on test benches.

    High Pressure Hoses (packed in plastic protection).

    Improved  reliability of the hydraulic system

    If necessary supply system flush / purge on rotator gland through a manifold with high pressure crane mounted on a mast. To ensure the rapid flow control and reset capabilities.

    The oil filtering system implemented at the low pressure line. Filter installed Italian production with a pollution sensor, it avoids emergency situations when starting in cold conditions.

    The enclosure perimeter for ease transportation platform drilling equipment. Also, for the convenience of transportation of drilling equipment oil tank is located on a special frame, which allows the transportation of drilling equipment of up to 5m.


    Specification of drill rig URB-2А-2

    Drilling depth, m
    Geophysical well 100
    Water well, soil investigation 300
    Auger drilling 30
    The initial diameter drilling, mm 190
    Final diameter drilling, mm
    Geophysical 118
    Water well 93
    Drilling diameter, mm
    Auger drilling 135
    Rotation frequency, rpm./min
    I speed 140
    II speed 225
    III speed 325
    Rotation torque, N-m
    I speed 2010
    II speed 1210
    III speed 830
    Feeding stroke, mm. 5200
    Working pressure,bar 140
    Pull force, kgs 6000
    Push force, kgs 3000
    Transporting dimensions, mm 8080х2500х3500
    Operating dimensions, mm 8080х2500х8380
    Weight of drill rig on the truck frame without truck, mud pump etc., kg not more 4000
      Price USD, without VAT
    Drill Rig Platform URB - 2A-2 (Transfer Gearbox-2 sheaves; Max torque M=2000 Nm) $ 21 600
    Drill Rig Platform URB - 2A-2D (Transfer Gearbox-2 sheaves; Max torque M=4000 Nm) $ 23 500
    The capacities may differ according to ground parameters, drilling angle and drilling equipment.
    You can choose your own chassis. These prices are given only as a reference. For answers to any questions regarding the precisely price, capacity, parameters, equipment or another aspects of using drilling rigs, contact by writing to DTF International Sales office  kra@zavodbt.ru, or by calling +7 (812) 640-19-40, +7 (911) 923-99-71
    Chassis KAMAZ (6*6) from $ 38 350
    Chassis URAL (6*6) from $ 29 400
    Mud Pump Mud pump NB-32 (588 lit/min; 40 Bar, hydraulic) $ 5 800
    Mud pump NB-4 (160 lit/min; 45 Bar, hydraulic) $ 4 700
    Mud pump Dynaset (150 lit/min; 90 Bar) $ 4 400
    Compressor Compressor Dynaset HKL 2600 (2,6 m3/min; 8 Bar) $ 7 650
    Compressor 4VU (2,5 m3/min; 7,8 Bar) $ 3 950
    Compressor PК5/25 (2,3 m3/min; 8,8 Bar) $ 3 900
    Compressor АК-9/10 (10 m3/min; 9 Bar) $ 9 700
    Compressor КВ-10/8 (8 m3/min; 10 Bar) $ 16 850
    Compressor КВ-12/10 (10 m3/min;12 Bar) $ 26 550
    Compressor КВ-12/12 (12 m3/min; 12 Bar) $ 23 500
    Welding Generator Dynaset 300A; 6 kWt $ 3 400
    Hydraulic system for power $ 4 200
    Water Tank 1,5 m3 $ 800
    2,0 m3 $ 850
    3,0 m3 $ 1 050
    Reciever $ 2 050
    Pressure relief system pump $ 1 350
    Rod holder dia 63,5-168 mm $ 2 950
    Lifting device casing 15 t (hydraulic casing table 7.5 tons) dia 63,5-168 mm $ 3 050

    LLC «Geostrojproekt»

    The construction of high-speed highways Moscow - St. Petersburg, 58 km - 684 km 

    Name of object

    The construction of high-speed highways Moscow - St. Petersburg, 58 km - 684 km

    Location Novgorod region Novgorod, Okulovsky and Malaya Vishera districts km 457 - 461 km
    Stage of projecting Documentation
    Reconstruction, new  New construction
    Characteristics of designed objects Total length: km 479 - 525 km, 46 km; km 457 km 461 4 km
    The level of responsibility structures II - normal level of responsibility
    Category engineering-geological conditions (in accordance with table. B. SNiP 11-105-97) III - complex

    The projected area is administratively located in the Russian Federation, the slope of the DECLINE takes place in Novgorod region Novgorod, Okulovsky and Malaya Vishera areas (km 461 457 km, km 479 km 525).

    Drilling here are drilling rigs URB-2-A2 on the KAMAZ vehicle URB-2-A2 on, among other things, shorter flights, with the sampling of disturbed structure and monoliths in accordance with GOST 12071-2000 for determining the full range of physical properties and corrosive soils. Wells drilled core and auger method, with coring. When sinking wells is a detailed description of the breakable section, recorded the occurrence of groundwater and its steady-state level. In addition, there are photographs of drilling locations with reference to the ground.

    In particular, PC 5197+48 (the nearest town D. Mytnaya, Leningrad region) are designed bridge crossings over the Creek “Back” and “stream Lisitsyn, respectively. This places the device small artificial structures.

    As at 11.09.2014, future high-speed road in this area looks like this:

    After visits to the site were asked to complete all drilling rigs to wheel techniques with special tracks

    Wheeled vehicle in such conditions the most effective with "Tracks for wheeled vehicles"

    Drilling works in this area is done by drilling rig URB-2A-2 on KAMAZ. Drilling rig URB-2-A2 included Rotator-2000nm, Pump NB-32, Compressor-VU, Tank cart, heated by the exhaust gases of the vehicle.

    While on the site PC 5348+40 (the nearest town D. Sitna, Novgorod region), the situation is more clear. As at 11.09.2014, future high-speed road in this area looks like this:

    Engineering-geological survey places the device structures are sinking exploration workings in areas planned facilities and conducting field studies of the soil if necessary.

    Drilling in this area is done by drilling rig URB-2A-2 on the chassis, among other things. Drilling rig URB-2-A2 included Rotator-2000nm, Pump DYNASET HPW 90/150-85, under the water tank

    To determine the steady-state level is releasowanie wells before full clarification of water. After completion of the well to be liquidated backfill soil with ramming, and fixing the location of the wells with a pushpin with the preparation of the act on liquidation plugging.

    When drilling is selected lithological differences, the separation of aquifers and the establishment of groundwater levels.

    CJSC "MurmanskTISIz"

    The construction of a Mining-based deposits of Apatite-nefritovij ores deer Creek. Section "External rail transport, the construction of a new access road is not for General use from the station Titan JSC "Russian Railways" to the station Ruchey CJSC "NWPC".

    Our installation appreciated:

    LLC "Inter-Regional Consulting Center"


    CJSC "MurmanskTISIz"

    LLC "Atlant"

    LLC "NPK "Geopolimer"

    LLC "Strojenrgotehnologii"

    LLC "Lotosgeo"

    JSC "Lengiprotrans"

    CJSC "Sberbank Lizing"

    JSC "Gipsopolimer"

    LLC "Gasregionlizing"


    LLC "Geozond"

    LLC "YarKamp"

    LLC "UniksIngeeniring"

    LLC "MIigeologia"

    LLC "MFK "Avangard"

    LLC "UralNefteGasStroj"

    CJSC "Europlan"

    LLC "Transport leasing company"

    LLC "EXPO-leasing"

    LLC "Bursnab"

    JSC "Severstal"

    JSC "Anticor"

    LLC  "Research Institute Promtransproekt"

    LLC "Geopromstroj"

    LLC "Promburvod"

    LLC  "Profotsenka"

    LLC  "Variant"

    LLC "Astra"

    JSC Researcg Institute "Tambovgrazdanproekt"

    LLC SGP "Etrek"-М"

    LLC "EGP Group"

    LLC "Petrobyrservice"

    LLC "Gasregionleasing"

    LLC "SAI-Proekt"


    LLC "Geo-proekt"

    LLC "Amber plus"

    LLC "Permproektizyskaniya"

    LLC  "Uralstrojgarant"

    LLC "I.L.S."

    D JSC "Эlektogas" JSC "Gasprom"

    LLC "Geotehnoservice"

    LLC "Izyskatel"

    LLC  "Investproekt"

    JSC "Vorkutaugol"

    LLC "Autodorspetstehnika"

    LLC "Geostrojproekt"

    D JSC "Elaectrogaz" JSC "Gasprom"

    LLC "Geologorazvedochnaya technika"

    LLC "Severnaya leseang company"

    LLC  "Laboratoria poiska podzemnih komunikatsij"


    LLC "Internika"

    LLC "Nevskaya burovaya company"

    CJSC "Uznouralskij leasing centre"

    JSC "Roszeldorproekt"

    LLC "Ingeeniring company "Geostrojproekt"

    LLC "Geoservice"

    LLC "Vodoreserv"

    LLC  "Teplomontazizolyatsia"

    CJSC "Alians-leasing"

    LLC PSK "Chimpromproekt"

    As well as hundreds of other companies throughout the Russian Federation and in CIS countries.

    Description Chassis type Chassis type
    KAMAZ  5350 KAMAZ  5350  
    Rotator type 2D 2D Auger Diamond
    Frequency rotation of drill chuck, rev/min      
    1 speed 135 65 135 65 40 0-560
    2 speed 210 100 210 100 68
    3 speed 300 150 300 150 80
    Rotation torque, max, Nm      
    The dependence of the amountof torque on the number of turns The maximum torque at a certain transmission develops maximum speed of this transfer  The maximum torque at a certain gear can be realized throughout the speed range of the transmission
    1 speed 2090 4570 2090 4570 5000 582
    2 speed 1330 2840 1330 2840 2800
    3 speed 940 1970 940 1970 2000
    Drilling depth, m      
    geophysical wells with mud pump 100 100 100 100 120  
    geophysical wells with air compressor 30 50 30 50 70  
    core well 300 350 300 350 350  
    augering 30 50 30 50 80  
    Start diameter with mud pump, mm 190 250 190 250 360  
    Final diameter with mud pump, mm      
    core well 93 93
    geophysical well 118 118
    augering 135 200 135 200
    Permissible axial load to the elevator, t (max.) 5 5
    Carriage movement, mm (max.) 5200 5200
    Drive rotator axial piston motor axial piston motor
    Carriage rotator moves along the mast without shift from the axis drilling moves along the mast has a hydraulic shift with axis drilling to implement chuck drilling method
    The rollers of the carriage rotator four rollers moving along the internal profile of the mast Eight eccentric rollers
    moving alongthe internal profile of the mast
    Operating pressure in hydrosystem, kgs/cm2 100 line rotator 300 other lines 100
    Mechanism of supply (lift) tool  hydraulic tackle block hydraulic tackle block
    The force generated by the tool, kN    
    when press down 28 28
    when lifting tool 48 48
    The speed of the lifting tool, m/s
    0…1,2 0…1,2
    The feed speed of the tool, m/s
    0…1,1 0…1,1
    Mast type welded construction welded construction, mast enhanced by frame
    Mast force up, down capacity, кN (max.) 60 60
    Drill pipe    
    diameter, mm 63 63
    length,mm 4700 4700
    Pipe casing    
    diameter, mm 168 168
    Winch for lowering - lifting operations (LLO) , with free fall
    The lifting device casing
    Implementation static stationary sensing (OPTION)
    NO HYSON 100 kN LW stroke 700

    Implementation of static sensing hinged (OPTIONAL)

    cutting by rotator cutting by rotator
    маx cutting (anchor condition) 2,8t 2,8t
    maximum force lifting 4.8t 4.8t
    Hydraulic clamp (Optional) 63mm-168mm 63mm-168mm
    Additional equipment (OPTION)
    Pump Compressor Pump Compressor
    by technical project by technical project
    Input, kWt (max.) 44 44
    Transporting dimensions, mm    
    length 8700 8800
    width 2500 2500
    height 3850 3980
    Overall dimensions, mm
    length 8500 8500
    width 2500 2500
    height 8400 8827
    Operating dimensions, mm 14300 14300
    Total weight, kg (max.)* 15420 15420
    The distribution of the total mass of the installation on the road, kg    
    by front axle 5490 5490
    by back axle 9930 9930
    Maximum speed, km/h
    80 80