Manual drilling rig UKB-12/25-02

    Drilling rigs UKB-12/25-02 is a modification of the basic model of UKB-12/25 and is intended for drilling vertical wells to a depth of 15 m. Auger method when searching for surveying, mapping, seismic and other works of a similar nature in remote areas or confined spaces.

    The drive to the rig UKB 12/25-02 used an electric gear motor cylindrical type with the possibility of smooth speed control and reverse.

    For drilling at a shallow depth in soft and medium rocks, individually hand-drilling rig.

    The advantage of using hand-drilling rig is:

    • low cost of finished wells;
    • mobile drilling rigs;
    • affordability;
    • large coverage area for drilling;
    • accurate drilling.

    Also, do not forget the fact that manual drilling rig can be installed in places where conventional drilling rigs simply will pass. Further, such setting can be applied even for drilling in areas or basements.

    Kit manual rig consist of:

    • collapsible frame;
    • mast with the carriage;
    • gearmotor;
    • gasket, swivel;
    • the drill string;
    • drills of different diameters, and destination on the rocks;
    • the control unit;
    • winch;
    • auxiliary tool.
    • or motor pump

     The principle of operation manual rig (modular unit) with washing as follows: on the frame mounted power unit that feeds the entire rig and mast are driving on a special rig geared motor, which directly transmits the rotation and the force on the slaughter of the drill. Through a special seal from the water tank or pit with a pump takes water supply to the drill rods, the water passes through the hollow drill rod and through the holes in the storm gets directly to the point in which the drilling, the drill breaks breed and feed water cools the drill and washes away the ruined rock surface. Problematic issue when drilling manually setting can only be rocky ground, but the decision to do so, just as there is through the use of more modern than the drill, rock bit.

    Drilling Technologies Factory offers high-quality manual (modular, portable) rigs wide variety of designs at affordable prices. All you need to do in order to buy the rig, simply contact our representatives in any way you like and order tool.

    Kit of manual drilling rig UKB-12/25-02

    Drill machine 1 pc.
    Control panel 1 pc.
    Supporting documents:
    Passport 1 copy
    Documentation of components 1 copy

    Specification UKB-12/25-02

    Drilling depth, m
    by core drilling, 76 mm 25
    by augering drilling, 62 mm 15
    type mobile
    frequency rotation of drill chuck rev/min 38
    type chain with a winch and battery mainspring
    max.force, kgs 390
    type manual, double speed
    nominal, kN (ts) 1,25 (0,125)
    max. 5,5 (0,550)
    Input of drill machine
    type a cylindrical motor-reducer
    power, kWt (h.p.) 1,5 (2,04)
    The range of voltages, W 220-242 /380-420
    Reverse yes
    Stepless speed regulation yes
    Compulsory motor braking yes
    Overall dimensions, mm
    length 1800
    width 1065
    height 2000
    Operating dimensions, mm
    length 1900
    width 900
    height 600
    Weight of machine
    supplied without drilling tool, kg 162