Drilling rig URB-2D3

    Drilling Technologies Factory produces serial production rigs URB 2D3 on the chassis wheel-drive vehicles or terrain tracked carrier. Production department introduced a number of technical solutions to extend the life of the drilling rig.

    Exploration drilling rig "URB 2D3" is designed for drilling wells for various purposes with an initial hole diameter of 600 mm and a depth of 300 meters. Most often, URB 2D3 used in engineering surveying, drilling and blasting operations, exploration, water well drilling, drilling under complicated geological conditions.

    The main difference from the URB 2D3 rig URB-2A-2 - is the presence of more powerful rotator planetary structure and as a result requires strengthening the construction of the mast. On the rig URB- 2D3 used mast truss structure. Rotator 2D3 will increase the speed of drilling wells, compared to URB 2A2, twice. The rotator rig has four operating speeds in the range of 33 to 184 revolutions per minute.

    Drilling rig URB 2D3 can be equipped with rotator URB-2A-2D while maintaining maximum torque on rotator spindle 4000 Nm. The rotator has three speeds in the range 70 to 160 revolutions per minute.


    The unit has a mobile hydraulic rotator. Spanner with elevator perform work on the descent-raising tool. Capacity drilling tool takes on the job face. Fastening - unscrewing drill pipes produced using a spinner elevator, resulting in no need for special arrangements (truborazvorotah). Round-trip operations and supply drilling tool downhole produced by a hydraulic cylinder supply that ensures optimum pressure on the face, including when drilling hammers, and allows highly efficient rock drilling any strength. Operation of the unit is fully hydroficated and concentrated on the remote driller, to which the body of operational management and control devices of the drilling process. PTO mechanisms rig made by transmission of the car. Mechanism for moving the rotator consists of a hydraulic jack and polispastnoy system, through which the rotator is moved up and down twice as fast with respect to the rod of the jack. Jacks supporting masts, power supply system which is connected with the hydraulic jack move rotator provide automatic unloading of the vehicle chassis from the forces generated when lifting the drilling tool. The rig is equipped with oil pump with manual control enabling the rise of drilling tools and support jacks, as well as translation of the mast in the transport position in case of failure of the drive motor or transmission.

    Components installation

    Mud pumps: NB-50, NB4-160 / 63 (with/without gearbox, hydraulic/belt drive). Compressors: 4VU1-5 / 9M32. HF series compressors. Generators: BG-16 and BG-30, DG-4006. And other accessories according to the statement, drawn up in conjunction with our experts.



    Nominal drilling depth, m.:
    Core hole with mud pump 300
    Geophysical well with air compressor 100
    Geophysical well with mud pump 30
    By augers 30
    Start diameter drilling, max (mm) 450
    Final diameter of drilling a core hole with mud pump 93
    Final diameter of drilling with mud pump 118
    Rotational speed of tool string, (rev/min)
    Planetary gear rotator 2DZ-1.000 Rotator URB-2А2D
    33, 92, 66, 184 45,69,90
    Maximum torque, Nm 4000
    Feeding stroke, mm 5200
    Lift speed of drill сhuck, m/s 0-1,25
    Capacity lift cylinder lift/supply tool:
    Capacity, kgs 6300
    Force down, kgs  2600
      Price USD, without VAT
    Drill Rig Platform URB - 2D3 (Rotator 2A-2D; Max torque M=4000 Nm) $ 28 850
    The capacities may differ according to ground parameters, drilling angle and drilling equipment.
    You can choose your own chassis. These prices are given only as a reference. For answers to any questions regarding the precisely price, capacity, parameters, equipment or another aspects of using drilling rigs, contact by writing to DTF International Sales office kra@zavodbt.ru, or by calling +7 (812) 640-19-40, +7 (911) 923-99-71
    Chassis KAMAZ (6*6) from $ 33 850
    Chassis URAL (6*6) from $ 30 100
    Mud Pump Mud pump NB-32 (588 lit/min; 40 Bar, hydraulic) $ 5 900
    Mud pump NB-4 (160 lit/min; 45 Bar, hydraulic) $ 4 950
    Mud pump Dynaset (150 lit/min; 90 Bar) $ 5 500
    Compressor Compressor Dynaset HKL 2600 (2,6 m3/min; 8 Bar) $ 11 050
    Compressor 4VU (2,5 m3/min; 7,8 Bar) $ 4 000
    Compressor PК5/25 (2,3 m3/min; 8,8 Bar) $ 3 950
    Compressor АК-9/10 (10 m3/min; 9 Bar) $ 13 300
    Compressor КВ-10/8 (8 m3/min; 10 Bar) $ 17 450
    Compressor КВ-12/10 (10 m3/min;12 Bar) $ 26 950
    Compressor КВ-12/12 (12 m3/min; 12 Bar) $ 23 800
    Welding Generator Dynaset 300A; 6 kWt $ 4 750
    Hydraulic system for power $ 4 300
    Water Tank 1,5 m3 $ 650
    2,0 m3 $ 700
    3,0 m3 $ 900
    Reciever $ 2 050
    Pressure relief system pump $ 1 400
    Rod holder dia 63,5-168 mm $ 3 750
    Lifting device casing 15 t (hydraulic casing table 7.5 tons) dia 63,5-168 mm $ 3 700
    Penetrometer 10 tons for CPT (Cone Penetration Test)  $ 15 850