CPT truck 15 tons

    CPT truck-15 is an installation of static sounding, which is widely used in geotechnical investigations. Installation is usually mounted on the chassis of all-wheel drive truck (usually KAMAZ) in van. Equipment management and adjustment of the engine speed of the car is carried out of the van, which is equipped with thermal insulation and heating, which makes it possible to use the installation at any time of the year. Pushing the probe into the ground by means of a special hydraulic equipment.

    The main features of the installation CPT truck 15 are:

    • the possibility of immersion of the probe to a depth of 40 m, due to the high build up pressure (up to 16 tons);
    • high performance;
    • reinforced subframe, etc.

    Here you can buy this setting static sounding. At your request we are ready to equip the vehicle with additional equipment: navigation, outdoor lighting, video surveillance, etc.  Drilling technologies Factory is always characterized by high quality products and service, as you can see, reading the numerous references of satisfied customers.