Rotary drilling

    Very often, conducting reconnaissance work on minerals, such a process is used as drilling. The main process in the manufacture of drilling is considered core drilling. How is the process of breaking rock with this kind of drilling? The main feature of core drilling is the process of work, which is held on the ring line, without affecting the entire area of the face. The inner race is withdrawn as a core - a rock sample, it is removed from the wells and stored.

    Core drilling is used primarily for the most solid and durable rock. Pre-made process of crushing the strongest breeds for this work are special crown: the shot or diamond. Crushing less durable species is used bits of pobedita or tungsten, and the breed minimum fortress - steel crowns.

    During rotary drilling downhole washed. To carry out such a process water is used, or muds. It is such as coring drilling has a significant number of advantages over all other methods of drilling, such as drilling method allows to withdraw not destroying the structure of the breed and to raise it to the surface. To do this, in the drilling process produces core gap from the bottom and rise to the surface.

    Core drilling and its features

    It should be noted especially core drilling:

    • the process of exploration and mining occurs cores;
    • drilling process is possible in the most hard rock;
    • installation burochnoy head under any possible degrees relative to the horizon;
    • apply enough light equipment;
    • core drilling involves the use of special tools:
    • drill bits;
    • core barrels;
    • various adapters, including a triple type;
    • slurry pipe;
    • drill pipe and columns for them;
    • various compounds.

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