Drilling Technology Plant Manufacture

    Drilling Technology Plant is a manufacturing enterprise, the main profile of which is integrated supplying of companies engaged in the drilling of geotechnical, hydrogeological, explorational and technical wells, and also wells for installing bored piles and strengthening foundations.

    The enterprise serially produces drilling tools: core pipes, casing pipes and casing nipples; drilling augers and auger bits; dredgers of various types; bailers, hammer glasses, bailer's shoes; percussion cartridges; strainers; clams for casing pipes; articulated and chain keys (KSh, KShS 108/127, KShS 73/89, KK, KB); drill pipes TBSU SBTM; locks Z-50; transfer subs P 50/50, milling subs P1, sleeve subs M 50/50, screw subs M Sh55 / Z-50); tool for static probing (rods, tips); pneumatic impact core projectile (SPK COMPLEX); hollow augers, straight-through augers 135 mm to 500 mm, as well as rock-cutting tools for them (Shank chisels III LD 151 M Sh55).

    And also always available in stock: carbide crowns (CA-4, CA-6 CM-5, M-5, KT-2); roller cone bits (S-TsV, M-TsV, T-TsV, K-TsV); drill pipes (TBSU, TB); Spare parts for drilling rigs SKB-4, PBU-2, UGB-1VS; ZIP for mud pumps NB-4, NB-32 (50); emergency and auxiliary tool, manual drilling kit (Geologist's Dream).

    Drilling Technology Plant is the official dealer of A.P. van den Berg (Netherlands) on the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan and completes static sounding rigs with equipment and tools from a leading manufacturer.

    Drilling Technology Plant manufactures drilling rigs URB 2A2, URB 12.ZBT, small-sized drilling rigs UKB 12/25 and Static Sounding Rigs USZ, as well as provides warranty and maintenance services for drilling rigs and drilling equipment.

     We sell drilling rigs and drilling tools in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and the Republic of Belarus.


    The production of drilling equipment for different wells is the core of the Drilling Technology Plant company's field of work. For 7 years now, we have been doing our best to turn our experience and knowledge of working with drilling rigs into the competitive advantages of our partners, who trusted and decided to buy equipment for drilling wells from us, as competently and accurately as possible.

    A lot has changed over the history of our company, but one thing has remained unchanged - our desire to create really high-quality drilling machines, which in terms of their operational and technical characteristics are similar to imported rigs. That is why every drilling equipment we manufacture is able to provide efficient drilling for our clients, thereby reducing the cost and time for all their work.

    Our Drilling Technology Plant produces a wide range of mobile drilling rigs hat help solve a variety of tasks in the field of engineering surveys, exploration wells drilling, drilling for various purposes during construction as well as in the field of hydrogeological wells.

    What is the secret of our work?

     The production of drilling equipment is based on one core principle - the creation of extremely safe and effective tools. How do we do it? Thanks to a detailed knowledge of all drilling processes and problems that our customers often encounter while drilling. It was the analytics of all this that allowed us, over time, to establish the production of drilling rigs that are ideally adapted to the geological conditions and tasks for which our customers buy drilling rigs. The design department daily introduces more and more innovative ideas into the projects so that our partners can carry out all the necessary work as conveniently and quickly as possible, and we, in turn, remain competitive along with imported manufacturers.

     It is important that the sale of our company's drilling equipment is carried out according to a convenient catalog, in which you can easily find and order exactly the drilling equipment that most accurately meets the required technical parameters. You yourself perfectly understand that, while purchasing from a large drilling equipment plant with vast experience in this field, you guarantee yourself a quick solution to the problem, rather than looking for cheap offers on questionable message boards, where drilling tools and equipment are clearly not of high quality and reliability. As a result, though you spent a large amount of money, the drilling equipment will become unusable in just a few weeks, and you will need to spend even money to repair it, if it is possible.

    Our specialists, who ensure the uninterrupted production of drilling rigs, in the course of creating another drilling tool, use not only many years of experience and innovative developments, but also exceptionally high-quality materials. The high quality of the materials guarantees that the drilling equipment provided by the Drilling Technology Plant will not deform or break, no matter what material is in its way. It often happens that rig manufacturers ignore the importance of using durable materials, and as a result, hitting hard rock, the rig breaks down and requires urgent repairs, which cost a lot of money.

    Drilling Technology Plant offers its partners the following services:

    • modernization of existing models of drilling rigs;
    • design and manufacture of high quality and reliable drilling rigs;
    • production of static sounding rigs;
    • delivery of imported drilling rigs;
    • production of drilling tools;
    • development and implementation of various solutions in the field of drilling;
    • warranty and post-warranty maintenance of drilling equipment throughout Russia;
    • education and training of specialists.

    Regardless of the complexity of the project, we guarantee the fastest and most efficient solution. We can guarantee this thanks to a strong production base, qualified members of the design office and production personnel. Unlike most of our competitors, we offer turnkey drilling solutions. This process includes absolutely all stages of production - fromthe selection of drilling equipment and design, to the production and adaptation of the equipment you purchased to specific operating conditions.

     It is important that our partners include companies from Italy, Germany and China, which makes it possible to always keep abreast of the latest solutions in the field of drilling and drilling technologies. This ensured the fact that we have in stock extremely modern drilling equipment, which has already been appreciated by such large companies as:

    • Gazprom
    • Rosneft
    • Rosatom
    • Transneft
    • Russian Railways


    Each of them has become a leader in its market segment - now it's your turn!

    After purchasing drilling rigs, each of our customers and partners can be sure that they will be provided with qualified service support, which means that you do not need to worry about downtime and delays. We promptly supply our partners with spare parts and provide warranty repair of drilling rigs.

    How to start working with us?

    Drilling technologies from our company are available not only to companies operating in the Russian Federation, but also to organizations from the countries of the Far and Near Abroad. All you need to do to become our client is just select the required drilling rig or a part for it and complete the purchase.

    If during the selection or checkout you have any problems or doubt the correctness of your choice, contact our company representatives in any way convenient for you, and you will receive a free consultation. Our qualified staff will always help you choose the most suitable equipment depending on your goals, preferences and financial capabilities.

    Drilling Technology Plant is a manufacturing enterprise, the main profile of which is integrated supplying of companies engaged in the drilling of geotechnical, hydrological, explorational and technical wells, and also wells for installing bored piles and strengthening foundations.

    The enterprise serially produces drilling tools: core pipes, casing pipes and casing nipples