Drilling Technology Plant

    Drilling Technology Plant is a modern manufacturing enterprise, that specializes in designing and producing drilling equipment and tools for various types of drilling operations. Our equipment allows our partners to perform the following drilling tasks:

    • geological exploration drilling;
    • drilling of water intake and hydrogeological wells;
    • engineering and construction surveys;
    • geotechnical drilling;
    • strengthening and construction of foundations;
    • drilling of technical wells.

    The plant's product line includes different products capable of performing a wide variety of drilling tasks. The design department of the company is constantly looking for new technical solutions, which allows us to regularly issue new patents for useful models and apply these solutions in mass production.

    The modern machine park allows us to produce up to 85% of all components used in the manufacturing of drilling equipment independently. Management system (ERP) for quality control (ISO 9001) and costs provides the best price-quality ratio on the market.

    Our own service team is ready to provide after-sales maintenance throughout the geography of our equipment. The total area of production is more than 2000 m2. The staff of the enterprise consists of 110 people. The total product range is over 10,000 units. High quality and excellent service level was appreciated by more than 1000 partners in Russia and CIS countries. We are ready to supply drilling equipment anywhere in the world for specific tasks in the field of drilling and geology.

    Company's main fields of work are:

    • designing and producing of drilling rigs;
    • modernization of existing models of drilling rigs;
    • production of static sounding drilling rigs;
    • production of drilling tools;
    • delivery of imported drilling rigs;
    • warranty and post-warranty maintenance of drilling equipment;
    • development and implementation of various technical solutions in the field of drilling;
    • education and training of specialists.