Cable drilling

      Drilling rig SBU-14.ZBT "Strelka' and URB-12.ZBT are designed for companies conducting their activities in engineering survey, water well drilling, diamond drilling and construction drilling.

      The unit is designed for drilling vertical wells up to 300 meters. They are designed for drilling vertical wells, drilling by using mud pump and air compressor, cable percussion drilling.

      Drilling rigs for cable drilling

    1. Price from $ 91 000

      Modern drilling rig URB-12.ZBT meets the highest requirements of professionals. An installation created by the renowned and reliable machine URB-2A-2, which took a serious test of time and to be recognized by more than 4500 companies in Russia and abroad.
    2. Price from $ 40 450

      SBU-14.ZBT is designed for companies operating in the engineering surveys, well drilling, diamond drilling and drilling in the construction.