April 15-16, 2014, in Moscow, the specialists of LLC "Drilling Technologies Factory" participated in the second practical conference and exhibition "Modern methods of field and laboratory studies of soils".   

    Full conference hall, is a strong argument in favor of this conference surely take its place among the most respected and popular platforms for communication professionals prospectors.

         "Drilling Technologies Factory" for the second time taking part in this conference, the purpose of which is to communicate with the leading professionals in the field of engineering research, the exhibition presentation of the products and getting feedback from our customers, as well as search for business partners for joint development of new and improving existing products.

          During the conference, our partners have shown an active interest in our developments:  CPT truck USZ-20.ZBT, deck static sensing device for drilling rigs URB and equipment for CPT of  AP Van Den Berg (Netherlands).

         According to the results of the exhibition were established partnerships with Russian and foreign companies. Thank you for your interest in our developments.