Deck the static sensing device for drilling rigs designed for field studies of soil by static sensing in accordance with GOST-2001 using sets of devices such companies as: A. P. van den Berg, "TEST-K2", "TEST-K4", "PIKA-17", "PIKA-19" and others. As the working equipment can be applied in various samplers.

             LLC "Drilling technology Factory" recommends to use high quality equipment of A.P. van den Berg b.v., Netherlands

              The device is offered for delivery as an additional module for drilling rig URB-12.ZBT , URB-2A2 and URB-2D3 mounted on the chassis of KAMAZ, URAL, MTLB, TL-5ALM at the same time due to the total weight of the rig it is possible to perform static sensing without anchor, the package module includes additional front hydraulic support for placing the rig in a horizontal position, to minimize the likelihood of breakage of the rods static sensing module is equipped with a guiding and protection of the devices static sensing from precipitation possible additional equipment specialized in wet and dust protected wardrobes. The device is equipped with its own control panel.


    Diameter of sensing rod, mm 36
    Inner diameter of the centralizer, mm 40
    Length of sensing rod, mm 1000
    Force down, kgF up to 10000
    Force up, kgF up to 12700
    Скорость задавливания зонда, cm/sec 2,0

    You also can order specilalizing self-moving CPT rig based on truck with force down 15 000 kgF, 18 500 kgF, 25 000 kgF.

    Pictures of device: